Team Yokota,

I've gotten a few complaints about the parking situation and enforcement around buildings 314, 315, 316, 702, and 703. Bottom line is that we're doing this for safety and for security at Yokota. Our emergency vehicles need to be able to reach buildings and fire hydrants.

The Traffic Safety Coordination Group assessed all base parking to find the right balance between convenience and safety/security for everyone. There's not a lot of convenient parking. However, parking is within a 5 minute walk of most areas on the base. Please use all available parking including the parking structure (Bldg 816) next to USFJ and LRS. Additionally, we're building a parking lot next to Bldg. 210 that will have 188 more spots set to be complete in March. Finally, I will talk to USFJ and 5th Air Force leaders and ask them to help us by parking in the front of their building and in the parking garage, which will help the parking in front of buildings 702 and 703.

I hear you that parking is not ideal. We're working on it, but in the meantime please continue to follow the guidance we've sent out. Our Defenders work hard keeping you safe, and we need to support them by following the parking rules.

Col Kenneth Moss

Commander, 374 Airlift Wing