Greetings, Samurai warriors!  The purpose this blog is to introduce the Wing to the newest Civil Engineer capability, Rapid Airfield Damage Repair (RADR).

            You may have noticed a great deal of heavy equipment parked around the base and the fact that the BXtra has closed.  This equipment is to enable our engineers to recover the runway in the event an adversary tries to deny its use by cratering.  We have partnered with AAFES and consolidated facilities in order to improve your customer experience (e.g. you will be able to buy a birthday card AND a toy under the same roof) and take care of the new equipment by converting the BXtra to a warehouse. Currently in the BXtra parking lot you can see several of the 181 vehicles, including the mobile volumetric mixer concrete plants that will be kept inside the newly converted storage space once CE is done remodeling.     


RADR is a response to the increased threat Yokota now faces from adversaries in the region.  RADR is significantly different from our legacy Rapid Runway Repair (RRR) concept of operations in that, with RRR, we anticipated three large craters that would be temporarily filled with gravel, requiring constant maintenance.  For the new RADR concept we expect hundreds of craters ranging in size from a few feet to surface spalls. With RADR, the repairs will be semi-permanent by using rapid-set concrete.


As you can imagine the amount of equipment to fix hundreds of craters is vast.  Around our contingency towers in the east housing area you can see 45 CONEX shipping containers full of rapid-set concrete mix. 


We have also converted the third floor of the south parking garage on main base to store many of the 274 attachments for the Bobcat, Case and Volvo excavators and skid steer loaders. 


Of course fielding a new capability is not without its challenges.  The 374th Logistics Readiness Squadron has gained vehicle authorizations increasing their total War Reserve Materiel (WRM) authorizations to 413 without any additional manning.  We have recognized this challenge and are advocating for 10 to 12 full time personnel for maintenance. 

The RADR kit’s rapid setting concrete has a 5-year shelf life.  Therefore another exciting aspect of this new capability is that, starting in 2018, CES will be able to utilize and replenish 20% of the concrete annually.  This will allow us to do work on the base and airfield to make Yokota even more ready to fight tonight.


Combat Engineers…Combat Ready!