Greetings Team! Strengthening partnerships is one of our Wing’s lines of effort.

Someone once told me that only senior leadership can truly affect our strategic partnerships here in Japan. I humbly submit that is simply not true!

There are many visible ways we can strengthen partnerships while serving here in this beautiful country. For instance, on Yokota we have Japanese partners who work side-by-side with us on a daily basis to accomplish our mission.

The work and effort you put in every day leaves an impression to our teammates of our commitment to this partnership. Additionally, we play host several times a year to our local communities through special events and occasions. Get out and take part in these activities!

Your group is also attached to a “friendship club” with one of our neighboring communities…get involved with these clubs! Our local communities are amazing, get to know the folks around here every chance you get.

Another way we as individuals can help strengthen our partnerships is by being great ambassadors when we are off base. Do the simple things: follow the rules on the train, don’t litter, be polite, don’t wear offensive clothing, etc.…in essence represent your Team to the best of your ability. It sounds simple, and it is! Usually it’s the small and simple things that make a difference.

We can also continue strengthening our partnerships with each other…taking care of Airmen!

Often when we think outside of the box, we can find creative ways to do things more efficient, effectively, safer, more cost effective, etc. One thing we in the 374th Comptroller Squadron are looking at is going to an “All Things Financial” model here within the Wing.

What this would entail is detailing out our financial Airmen to be part of your squadrons. When you have a pay issue, you visit “your” finance guy/gal located in your unit. They will be part of your team, your day-to-day ops, your schedule, etc. Now we aren’t quite there yet with manning or available experience, but it is certainly something that we are exploring and hoping to deliver on in the near term.

 To me, ideas like this help strengthen our internal partnerships. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this idea or any others that you may have. Thank you again for what you do for us each and every day!

Lt. Col. James Cunningham, 374th Comptroller Squadron Commander