Greetings, Samurai warriors! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.  The purpose of this writing is to introduce the Wing to a concept that I hope will synchronize our work and better enable us to project airpower and defend the nation.  The concept i’m introducing is the Line of Effort.

            A few weeks ago, the senior enlisted and officer leaders gathered to discuss the Wing’s current Mission, Vision and Priorities (MVP) document.  There was broad agreement that the document accurately captured the elements required to be a successful Samurai warrior.  First, we must be a resilient, combat-ready force capable of swiftly projecting airpower throughout the Indo-Asia Pacific region.  To do this, we must be bold, smart, aggressive professionals.  Finally, we put a priority on our people, readiness and engagement.  We think the Wing’s MVP is an outstanding guide to what we must become to ensure our nation’s defense and support our partners in a free and stable world.  But the challenge identified by the Chiefs and Colonels gathered was this: how do we operationalize the MVP?  In other words, how do we ensure the Wing is on track to achieve the lofty goals outlined in the MVP given the limited resources available?  After many hours of debate and discussion, we came to the conclusion the Wing needed Lines of Effort (LOEs) that would focus our activities in support of the MVP.  Given the guidance provided in the MVP, we agreed on 4 LOEs for the base: 


These LOEs provide the necessary guidance and synergy for ensuring the Wing can make an informed decision on where to direct our focus.  Now, each of the LOEs has numerous sub-tasks within it.  After all, Developing World-Class Airmen doesn’t happen simply because we make it a Line of Effort!  In fact, none of these LOEs is stand-alone; they are not designed to be stand-alone.  What they are designed to do is guide the assessment of whether an activity or task supports the accomplishment of reaching the Wing MVP.  In other words, these LOEs enable us to operationalize the MVP.  For example, the recent Exercise falls squarely under the LOE for “A Base Ready to Fight,” which directly contributes to our ability to defend our nation and support our partners.  The LOEs provide a guide for nearly every Wing activity.

Over the coming days and weeks, I will expand on each of the LOEs so that as a community we can understand where we are going and how what happens on this base helps us achieve the MVP. 

Samurai warriors…swift to fight!


Col Kenneth Moss, 374 Airlift Wing Commaner



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