Team Yokota,

I couldn’t be prouder of the way our community is voicing, and more importantly, responding to issues and concerns that impact the quality of life of our Airmen. Recently we had many of our team members voice their concerns about the Dining Facility hours and missed meals. Yokota Air Base employs some of the hardest working Airmen in the Air Force and we need to ensure that they are getting the nourishment that they need to keep the mission going.

Last month an ‘hours of operation’ survey was sent to all meal-card holders to gather data on ways to improve service. After reviewing results of the survey, our Mission Support Group was able to adjust the DFAC hours to better accommodate everyone. These changes have already taken effect.

Some additional information that the Food Service Management Staff wants to ensure everyone knows is that:

-        The Air Force Common Output Level Standard (AFCOLS) required hours of operation for the Samurai Café Dining Facility is 56 hours per week. Currently the DFAC is open 67.5 hours per week exceeding the standard.

-        Customers may also use the DFAC’s Ground Support Meal service which provides 13 menu options available 24-hours a day. Just call the Samurai Café DFAC at 225-8870 or visit their SharePoint page and fill out the request form.

-        The DFAC holds quarterly Food Advisory Council meetings and welcomes customer feedback. They invite meal card holders to join the next meeting on 23 March 2017, from 1130 to 1230 at the DFAC.

Again, this is a great example of how we can continue to improve the way that we take care of Airmen and their families. I encourage everyone to use their chain of command to bring up issues you are facing, and if you feel you need an alternate option, go to and use the Commander’s Action Line.


Col Kenneth Moss

Commander, 374 Airlift Win